Why Should You Play The Cult- Classic Final Fantasy 6 ROM And Its Cultural Significance In the RPG Genre Of Gaming

final fantasy 6 romDownload final fantasy 6 rom. Final Fantasy VI is a Role-Playing Video Game, initially released in 1994 by the Japanese game developer and publishing company Square. The game is the sixth installment of the popular Final Fantasy video game series also published as Final Fantasy III in certain markets (North America and Canada). The first game to be directed by someone other than the series creator and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, this action RPG is considered to be among the top RPG games of all times by most of the gaming journalists. The game has been remade several times for different consoles, selling millions of copies to date. The game is among the most pirated RPG games too, with thousands of new final fantasy 6 rom downloads per year.

The story of the conception of the game

With the departure of the series creator and longtime producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, the responsibility of directing this game fell onto Yoshinori Kitase and Hiroyuki Ito. Both of these young directors have had very little experience in directing a game and so they thought of developing a radically different game from the previous installments, thinking if the game is bound to be doomed they might as well go up in spectacular flames.

In the early 1990s, 16-bit consoles were in their twilight years, with the new 64 bit consoles announced to be hitting the market soon by the prominent console makers. The genre of 16-bit RPG was becoming stale too, with each game by different companies repeating the same formula.

This formula consisted of setting the game in a parallel universe with medieval themes. There were medieval villages, cities, castle, and dungeons to explore. The protagonist or the band of protagonists were the ‘chosen’ ones with the clear objective of defeating the main antagonist of the game. The player must battle several supernatural creatures and other sub-villains in order to gain experience points and to level up his heroes. With each level up the stats of individuals in his party such as defense, attack, health would increase allowing his heroes to learn more damaging attacks or defense. Overall, this simple RPG formula has been tried hundreds of time and had become stale.

So, the director duo of the FFVI decided to try something that has never been done before, something daring and something too risky. They decided to divide the storyline into two parts and set their game in a steam-punk, industrial revolution backdrop. The inclusion of mature themes like the aftermath of destruction, suicide, and redemption in the game was also deemed as being too risky for the audience. Overall these decisions were not easy to implement and the small team of developers (Instead of large multinational teams of today) toiled away day and night in order to complete the game within the schedule of little more than a year. The risky eventually paid off and that too on such a massive scale that FFVI cemented its name into history. FFVI revolutionized the once stale RPG gaming genre and paved the way for future games, with new RPG games using FFVI as the basic template. In fact, people are still searching for 25 years old final fantasy tactics rom on the net even now.

The departure from the usual

Instead of opening on like a traditional RPG of the time, inside a medieval castle or inside a medieval village or a fight between two knights,final fantasy 6 rom opens with a scene depicting a squad of robots advancing through the snow. This iconic opening scene introduces the player to some of the main themes of the game – The Steampunk backdrop of the world and the importance of well-crafted and beautiful cinematic cutscenes, both of which were new to the genre at that time. Here are some of the iconic features of this game –

  • The introduction of a large cast of playable characters (14 in total!) was also a new development in the genre. To top it off, each playable character isn’t just a slight variation in sprite and stats from the earlier characters but each character comes with his own set of unique abilities, sprites, and stats. Also, unlike traditional RPG of the times, where the plot centered about the 3 or 4 main characters and their adventures, each and every one of the 14 characters bring something to the overall story and is crucial in advancing the plot. The dialogues and actions of these characters reflect their individual personality and unlike the caricature of a character in the traditional RPG games, they feel like real people and the game mechanics further cement their individual personalities.

For example, there is a character called ‘Gou’ – a wild, feral child residing in the desert. The only way to recruit Gau in the party is to offer him a slab of dried meat. Gau also has a unique ability molded according to his personality, he is able to learn and imitate the powerful attacks used by specific monsters that the party battles while on their adventure. This careful attention to detail and slight modifications in the abilities gives ‘Gau’ a unique character and each and every 14 of FFVI characters are unique in this way!  A fact which makes final fantasy 6 rom highly re-playable even after more than 25 years.

  • Another major change to the story was the splitting up of the time-line of the game. The first part of the FFVI behaves like a typical linear story of an RPG game of the time, with the band of heroes embarking on a long journey to eventually face their opponent, recruiting new heroes and leveling up to gain new powers along the way. Unlike the typical RPG storyline where the band of heroes eventually become powerful enough to defeat the evil empire thereby restoring peace and prosperity in the world, the band of heroes in FFVI fail to do so at first. The plan of the antagonist comes to fruition and the world suffers a huge apocalyptic event reducing it to ruins. This sets the second part of the story into motion in which the player should gather strength and resources again in order to re-confront the antagonist. The game mechanics also changes with the game ushering the player into the second part, with the major change being in the map of the game which is now converted to several islands surrounding the main landmass instead of several major continents in the first part.
  • The game also focuses heavily on the cut-scenes, with each cut-scene being painstakingly detailed and crafted. Even now people remember the ‘opera scenes’, ‘the apocalypse event’, ‘the Darill’s tombstone’ and the ‘opening scene’ of the game. The game also featured several 3D environments, a fact which was extremely difficult to achieve on the 16-bit hardware. For example, the parts featuring Flying Airships which enabled a player to have a 3D overlook of the environment, were both useful and aesthetic to see on a 16-bit game.

FFVI was the last of 2-D Final Fantasy Games in the franchise and what a conclusion it was to an era of 2-D RPG gaming. This meticulously planned love note to the classic gaming style was a tremendously successful game and rightfully so since the series ushered various innovative features at the time. The game has since been remade several times, enabling players across the generations to enjoy this classic masterpiece of a game. So, go head download the final fantasy tactics rom, this cult classic is worth playing at least once.