Play Final Fantasy Rom Enjoy The Best Selling Video Game Franchise Ever

final fantasy romDownload final fantasy rom. Final Fantasy is the first installment of the famous video game franchise which was released December 1987. It is a role-playing game with an interesting storyline and gives you an awesome gameplay experience.

The final fantasy rom was the last attempt by its creator to make a mark in the gaming industry. The creator of the game was going through a lot of emotional turmoil because of not being able to create something worthy and was thinking about retiring. But with the release of final fantasy tides turned for the creator as it became hugely popular among the gamers around the world.

List of final fantasy games

The first installment of the series was released in Japan in 1987 and after that, there were a number of others installments of the game that were launched. The popularity of the game made it to branch out from a simple story mode RPG into many other video game genres like massively multiplayer online role-playing game, action role-playing, fighting, etc.

The list of final fantasy video game series is very long as till now about fifteen games have been launched. The popularity of this franchise has made it as one of the best-selling franchises ever. And it has been released across a number of different video game consoles.

Experience the amazing gameplay

The final fantasy rom starts with a party of multiple characters and you are able to control all of them. You are required to increase the capabilities and strength of your party by acquiring new skills and equipment. Your party has to be strong and fully equipped in order to win fight against super bosses.

  • Growth of the character in the game

In order to grow your character in the game and boost their skills, you have to perform a number of in-game tasks and earn experience points. You have to win battles and clear different levels to learn new abilities and improve your characters stats.

You can choose from a different type of characters like a white mage, black mage, monk, warrior, thief, etc. All types of characters have different base abilities and skillsets. In order to take on and defeat powerful opponents, it is necessary to choose a perfect skill set and earn experience to boost your stats.

  • Battle system of the game

Final fantasy to final fantasy 3 snes rom features a turn-based combat system where you and your enemy party take turns to execute different commands. You will encounter random enemies while roaming the world. There are a number of battle commands that you can give your character to perform like physical attack, magic attack, and other special commands.

There are two bars for your character i.e. hp bar and mp bar, hp bar gives you information about your health and mp bar gives information about how many spells you can use. Be sure to keep an eye on both these bars if anyone of it becomes low then it might create a trouble for you.

  • Equipment in the game

You can equip your character with the number of different weapons, armor, and other accessories. While armor gives your character defensive boost weapons, on the other hand, gives them strength. There are also a number of accessories that can be used in the game to provide your characters with special abilities and bonuses.

There are also rare items available in the game for you to find these rare armors and weapons provide you with rare abilities that you won’t be able to get through normal items.

  • World of the game

Map of final fantasy is pretty huge if you are not fighting battles you can explore the world of final fantasy for different items and weapons. You can start a conversation with non-player characters for trading gears and items.

You can explore dungeons, fields and other areas for different treasures and items. While exploring you will also encounter many enemies and also bosses. Be sure to kill them all to gain experience points and make your character strong by increasing their stats.

There are also safe areas such as towns where you will find shops where you can buy different weapons and equipment for your party. Inns are also present in the towns where you can rest and restore your health and magic bars to full.

The plot of the game

The plot of the game involves fighting with a supervillain which aims to destroy the world. The characters that you choose are a part of the resistance against larger powers and they have their own reasons for fighting this war.

The plot of the game varies in each version of the game. For the earlier installments of the game, the key plot was the crystals. Each of the worlds features four crystals and each crystal representing one of the four elements. These crystals of power are important as the world would be destroyed without them. You along with your party have to prevent the enemies from stealing or destroying them.

Story of the game

Story of the final fantasy 3 snes rom begins centuries ago; an advanced civilization was built by the ancients using crystals of power which triggered a cataclysm. To restore the balance four warriors of the darkness were selected which made ancients to fall in ruins. Then there was a prediction made by the gulgans that four warriors of the light will come and stop this flood of darkness.

After many years four youths found a crystal of wind in an altar cave which was opened by an earthquake. That crystal grants them powers and instructs them to go and restore the balance of the world.

These four warriors of the light make a journey to defeat warriors of the darkness and gain more power and allies in the way. The darkness is finally defeated and the heroes return home victorious. After that, each of the heroes goes to their separate ways and to live a life of peace and prosperity.

Some interesting facts about final fantasy

  • Earlier the game was called “fighting fantasy”. But it was changed before the release.
  • Final Fantasy could have been the last game of its series as the creator and publisher both were going out of business, but things took a turn and it turned out to be a huge game-changer for them.
  • American football was the inspiration behind the battle system of the game.
  • There are many spells in the game that are completely useless and they do nothing.
  • Final fantasy is also said to have introduced the world to first-person shooter genre of video games.
  • Due to a programming error, an accidental paradise has been created in the game named by the fans as “Peninsula of power”.

Final fantasy game series is one of the most successful and hugely popular video game series ever created. It has evolved continuously since its first release and now it is transformed into different genres. The game has been released as a set of sequels and prequels with a list of 15 games in the series. With its best gameplay and amazing graphics, you are bound to experience fun and creativity of this amazing game. If you are looking for an exciting storyline, science fantasy RPG game then this game is surely for you.