Embark On An Adventurous Journey With Final Fantasy 2 Rom

final fantasy 2 romDownload final fantasy 2 rom. In recent years, role-playing games have become very popular. The reason behind this being that the role-playing games provide the players with an opportunity to get out of their regular lives and embark upon an action-filled, eventful and adventurous journey. Do you like to play character playing games where you can take up the role of a hero and save the world from the wicked forces of the realm? If that is the case then you should download final fantasy tactics war of the lions rom right now!

What is the basic storyline of the game?

The storyline of the game is set in a kingdom called Ivalice. This kingdom is almost in ruins and is recovering from the unfortunate consequences of a 50-year long-running war. The population if the kingdom is divided just like any other kingdom, into different segments including high class, superiors, noblemen, an entire body of the peasant class and lords of the monarchy who basically rule upon all the other people. House Beoulve is one of the noblest families of the game. However, the most important element is the church which also holds the utmost power in the kingdom. It is believed that is the place of the holy saint Ajora Glabados and his army the Knights Templar. The church controls everyone to bring down the power of secularity in the kingdom. However, the two major competitor and rivals of the church are the two independent army forces namely the order of the northern sky and the order of the southern sky

In final fantasy 2 rom these two orders wish to gain the control of the monarchy and by using king Ondoria’s son, prince Orinus as bait. The king also has an adopted half-sister, the teenage princess Ovelia. The main quandary arises when the order of the northern sky abduct Princess Ovelia.

What are the main features of the gameplay?

The characters are given several supernatural abilities and spells that they can perform to overcome the hurdles. The entire kingdom map is divided into smaller areas known as grids and in these grids the combat and battle take place. Only one grid can be active at one time and the game shifts to the next grid as the level is completed. The active time is decided by the bar which gets filled consequently. The different skills and supernatural spells of the layers also have a charge time and once they are cast, the bar restarts all over again.

The most important facet of the game final fantasy 2 rom involves the classification of roles and jobs for different purposes. This part is taken up from the original version of the game. The two important character roles are the black mage and the white age, the white mage is the church priest whereas the black mage is a wicked wizard. With the increase in the experience and the overall development of the human characters, they are rewarded with experience points. Also, as the task and the jobs are completed, the characters are also rewarded with job points also known as JP. The different jobs mentioned require a proper time of practice, creativity, and experience to master them such as a mime, arithmetician, a scientist and so on. Once the characters master their skills in every particular jobs activity, they can switch between others or change them. However, this may sometimes charge them with a penalty. These are special monster-like characters known as chocobos, which can be recruited in case of assistance. These creatures do not hone their skills or master anything new like the other characters but they do level up.

When the new final fantasy tactics war of the lions rom was released, two new and exciting characters were added into the list of knights known as the dark knight and the onion knight.

What are the different job categories in the game?

The jobs in the game are divided on the basis of the activities that the characters will have to perform. The four major jobs are:

  • The Magically oriented jobs
  • Special jobs
  • The Physically oriented jobs
  • The War of the lions jobs.

The subcategories of the jobs can be understood as mentioned below:

The physical jobs require the basic jobs of a squire, dancer, samurai, archer, thief, monk, lancer, dancer, geomancer and ninja. The special jobs require a soldier, a Templar, an assassin, arc knight, holy knight, squire, cleric, mechanist, holy swordsman, dragoner, divine knight and so on. The magical or supernatural jobs include the chemist, the arithmetician, black mage or the priest, the white mage or the wizard, summoner, time mage, chemist, orator or the mediator, mime, bard, the mystic or the oracle and so on. The most recent addition has been made to the war of the lions jobs of final fantasy 2 rom with an onion knight and a dark knight.

What the major characters in the game?

The game comprises of two types of characters, the playable characters which the user can use to play the game and the non-playable characters which basically help to understand the plot or the major storyline of the game. The main playable characters include Boco, Mustadio Bunansa, Agrias Oaks, Marach Galthena, count Cidolfus Orlandeu, Ralpha Galthena, Ramza Beoulve, Alicia, Lavian, Ladd, Byblos, Construct 8, Cloud Strife, Meliadoul Tangille, Reis Deular and so on.  Luso and Balthier were added in the recent war of the lions version of the game final fantasy 2 rom.

What are different laws that are to be followed in the game?

There are several laws which are to be followed throughout the battles n the game, these laws are created and executed by the judges. The laws may include the usage of omission of specific weapons or spells, special items or tactics from the battle. In case the character breaks the laws, they are given a yellow or red card.

How does the story of the game proceed?

The game proceeds chapter wise and some of the initial chapters can be understood as mentioned below:

Chapter one called the meager which gives us the introduction of the characters, Ramza and Dalita how they became friends while they were cadets in the school of the order of the northern sky. Ramza is portrayed to be the royal prince while Dalita is a commoner from the working class. The second chapter called the manipulative and the subservient is the part where the actual war comes in action. In this chapter the innocent princess, the half-sister of the king is taken hostage by the forces of the northern sky. This part of the story, in the game also indicates human trafficking issues and opium business. Similarly, as the war proceeds, the story of final fantasy tactics war of the lions rom also proceeds in a chapter-wise sequence. The ending of the game is quite ambiguous and Delita becomes the king. He also gets married to princess Ovelia. He brings flowers for his queen while she stabs and kills him.

All in all, you can now understand how realistic and interesting this game is, so without any delay download it now and start with the action-filled adventure today!