Download Final Fantasy 7 Rom And Open The Door To The Most Fascinating RPG Game

final fantasy 7 romDownload final fantasy 7 rom. The Final Fantasy gaming franchise is by far the biggest RPG franchise in the history of gaming. Over the years, it has been gaining fans and has become a household name for gamers across the globe. The developers have released over a dozen versions of the game, each of which has been received with the same enthusiasm over the years.

The final fantasy 7 rom is seventh in the series of Final Fantasy games excluding the spinoffs. The game was developed by the franchise owners, Square, and it was released for PlayStation. The initial release was by Square was just in Japan, but the game was later released in other regions of the world by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was the first to receive a PAL release in the series of Final Fantasy games.

This Final Fantasy game was produced by the creator of the franchise, Hironobu Sakaguchi and programmed by Ken Narita. Later on, the game was published by Eidos Interactive and by Windows as well. The writing for the game is done by Yoshinaru Kitase and Kazishige Nojima. Released only for PlayStation initially, the game can now be played on a variety of platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android devices. This seventh installment arrived with a new set of final fantasy tactics advance rom and marked a paradigm shift in Final Fantasy games.

The Enticing In-Game Storyline

The protagonist of the game is a mercenary named Cloud Strife, who decides to join an Eco-Terrorist organization. His intention behind joining this organization is to stop a megacorporation from using up the planets’ life essence to further their nefarious needs by converting it into an energy resource.

As the game unfolds and the signature twists and turns of final fantasy games strike the characters’ situation, he has to go on the pursuit of a superhuman named Sephiroth, whose sole purpose is to destroy Earth and its inhabitants for good. As in all the Final Fantasy games, the players make the fascinating journey with the protagonist as he builds relationships and learns complex lessons about bonds and life as a whole.

In final fantasy 7 rom, Aerith Gainsborough is the only one who knows the secret to save the world and she’s the one who develops the closest relationship with the protagonist.

Intriguing And Lesser Known Facts About The Game

  • This seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series was the first one to use 3D graphics and full-motion videos.
  • The game also displayed a much more realistic presentation and the science fiction elements increased to enhance realism.
  • This was the first game in the series whose production caused up to $80 million USD and a team of around 100 professionals.
  • The game was first supposed to be a detective rendition but during the production, the mother of the creator passed away. As a result of which, the game was developed around the idea of love and loss of a loved one.
  • In the rocket town, one of the houses has a portrait, which on closer inspection, turns out to be of the creator himself, Sakaguchi.

The Gameplay Transformation For the Seventh Installment

Although most of the gameplay in this seventh installment of the series is same as the previous ones, certain changes have been made and new final fantasy tactics advance rom were introduced.

For starters, the field mode of the game is displayed in three-dimensional space. The players can talk to the townsmen, initiate various events by themselves, and advance the storylines all in a three-dimensional setting. The players can also rest in hotels and inns or buy items in shops which aid them in recovering from battle wounds and get reenergized for the impending battles that might follow.

As the game goes on in the field mode, a sudden flash on the screen can take the players straight into battle. In this mode, they go head to head with the enemies and exchange moves until one of them is down and out. Players can use the potions and different items to battle and survive the battles against challenging enemies.

Although the equipment is limited and the players need to be resourceful in using their powers and equipment. Venting out too much energy and equipment on a smaller battle will only result in exhaustion of resources. Hence, being efficient with resource management is the one major skill required on the part of the players in final fantasy 7 rom.

While in battle, there are new special abilities and powers the players get in this seventh installment. Yet, the basic rules of battle are the same as the previous versions. If the players lose the battle, it takes them straight back to the last saved point in the game and all the unsaved progress is lost.

When in the field section, players can check the ability status, the equipment they have and the valuable items they have left with them and prepare them for the possible battles that might follow. With the increase in Materia levels, the characters gain new magic spells and commands to strike fear in their enemies in hearts.

The Following Releases Of The Game

The initial release of the Final Fantasy 7 was announced in the February of 1996. Later on, the western version of the game was released in the name of Final Fantasy 7 International in October of 1997. The international release of the game was improved and went ahead to set the trend for the enhanced western versions of the game that followed.

Later on in 2012, the game was re-released in the International arena in the physical disc format which was a part of the 25th Anniversary package of the Final Fantasy franchise.

What followed after the success of the previous versions was the PC release of the game. The PC version was developed by the Cost Mesa Office of the developers, Square. Initially, the PC release of the already famous game was intended as merely a sales experiment as not enough people in the West had the PlayStation console. The PC port was announced in the year 1997 alongside the Eidos’ deal of releasing the game in North America and Europe as the final fantasy 7 rom versions.

Also, as the latest versions of the PlayStation kept coming up, the game was released for most of them. In 2009, it was released on the PlayStation Network (PSN).  It was gradually made compatible with PlayStation 3 as well.

One Of The Best Games Of The Franchise

In a nutshell, the game is a must-play for both the fans of the franchise and the ones who haven’t yet played a Final Fantasy game. Quite a few people avoided playing the game because of the 2D graphics, but, the final fantasy 7 rom changed the scenario completely by introducing motion videos and three-dimensional graphics.

The successful journey of the Final Fantasy gaming franchise continues unabashed and this seventh installment contributed vastly to it. The revolutionary change it came with, the graphics change, made it one of the best games of the franchise ever. The game is fascinating in a way that it raises the bar of difficulty yet not as hard as to put off the gamer. It is a perfect blend of intrigue and challenge when it comes to RPG gaming.